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Physician Change Management

Improve physician engagement using a collaborative approach for a standardized evidence based medical practice. We will enhance IT system tools to reduce clinical variations. And design dashboards to monitor performance towards quality outcomes.

Care Variation Opportunity Assessment: Quickly prioritize desired targeted outcome for improvement such as length of stay, cost savings. Identify causes of current performance such as service line details, physician preference, cost centers, MS-DRGs. Leverage organizations current strengths and best practices. Provide leadership opportunity to benchmark current performance.

Physician Change Management Program: Alignment of improvement throughout the organization is necessary for successful execution and sustainability. Our approach is to engage physicians with our 3-step program Listen, Respond and Lead. The result is achieving a “choosing wisely” culture of physician clinical practice.

 IT System Enhancement Recommendations: We will provide an evaluation of your current IT applications with recommended build enhancements to improve automation and standardization of work. Our physician leaders will ensure the design meets providers and other user requirements.

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